Friday, April 11, 2014

Lesser Black-backed Gull Over the Months

 Over the months, it has been hard to miss the Lesser Black-backed Gull hanging out at the west end of Quidi Vidi Lake.
 Any day, it is possible to watch this bird, and it is impossible to miss how its streaking has changed since October.
 These first three shots were taken just days ago (April 4). At this time, its head is streak-free, and he is looking very handsome for breeding. This shot shows him making a sound. His neck thickened right up as he uttered a glottal sound.
 Taken in March, there is still evidence of streaking, but it is clearly fading.
 This is another Lesser that has been at the Virginia River outflow. The legs on this one are much brighter, but the degree of streaking in March is about the same.
 In January our west end Lesser seemed to be at the peak of streaking.
 This shot, taken in October, also shows a lot of heavy streaking, and the back seems to be more pale. It is always hard to compare grays, however, as light has a big impact on how it presents itself.
And so, our clean Lesser Black-backed Gull will probably be leaving us soon to hopefully return again in the Fall.

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