Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yellow Warbler - Better than a Stick Bird

Looking at the yellow stick bird posted earlier made be long to see the greatest little yellow birds that populate our woods and walking trails in the summer - the Yellow Warbler.
 These beautiful little birds return to Newfoundland in May, among the first warblers to return and sing their little hearts out. One of the best and earliest places to see Yellow Warblers is around Mundy Pond. Early in the season, they are everywhere.
These shots were taken in mid-August of 2011 at Bidgood's Park. This one seems to have a little fluff left around the top of its back which makes me think that it is one of the crop of 2011 babies.
 No matter how many times I see this bird, I have to stop and enjoy it.  It is quite common to find other warblers in the same area as the Yellow Warbler, these include the Black and White, Wilson's and a Northern Waterthush.  It seemed last year that Blackpoll were not quite as common but they, too, were around.

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining warmer and the birds that are around such as the American Goldfinch and Robin are beginning to brighten up and gradually transition into their breeding plumage.  Can Spring be that far away?

I can already imagine myself wearing short sleeves, shorts and sunglasses strolling through the wooded areas and loving every minute of it.

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