Monday, September 26, 2016

Probably a Tennessee Warbler

 When checking around Cape Spear this morning, I caught a fleeting look at a pale yellow bird. I couldn't see any detail, but knew it was not a bird I see every day.
 Doggedly pursuing this bird for about 1000 yards, I finally got a few photos. It was staying low and under cover making it very difficult to get shots.
 When I finally got a few shots, I checked the camera and thought it was a Philadelphia Vireo. When I got it on my computer, I lost confidence in the ID. A similar bird to the Philadelphia is the Tennessee Warbler.
Given the whitish color under the tail, the darker wing and very slight wing bar, this bird seems to be a Tennessee. This is probably an immature bird as it seems more yellow than any I have ever seen before. It was hanging with a very bright male Wilson's Warbler, Chickadees and Kinglets.

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