Monday, September 26, 2016

Hooded Warbler Hangs at Cape Spear

 A special thanks to Anne Hughes for an alert Saturday morning about her newest find - a beautiful Hooded Warbler at Cape Spear. I was only five minutes away.
 I zoomed to the Cape, alerting another birder along the way. The Hooded was still about playing hard to get. It was particularly active but stayed well hidden most of the time.
 For a second at a time, it showed itself. It became a bit of a game to try to anticipate where it would next appear in the hopes of getting a picture. This, after all, is the first male Hooded I have seen.
 It must be something in the air, high wind air, that brought three Hooded Warblers to our shores this year. Many years pass with no reports at all.
 These two images show the bold white outer feathers in the tail.
As the rain rolled in, I took one last look and hurried to my car. Last reports are that the Hooded has stayed around for at least 24 hours providing many hours of excitement for local birders.

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