Monday, September 5, 2016

Odd Fellows

The Dark-eyed Junco is one of the most commonly-seen birds in Newfoundland. Its slate gray color, white belly and white outer tail feathers also make it one of the most easily identified.
 Just when you think you can't miss an ID of this species, along comes this rusty "lion-headed" immature to test your confidence. I have seen several really brown juvenile juncos, but this one beats them all.
Newly arrived on the scene in my yard is this leucistic junco. I first saw it when it took its first flight. Its feathers have matured a lot since then, but it is still very curious. It popped up on my deck around dark a couple of nights ago. It really stands out as it picks through my garden. So, I am once again reminded not all guides can show all variations of each species.
Right on schedule this Dickcissel showed up in Blackhead this morning. There was a large group of birds near the convenience store. However, when the owner began activities in the yard, all birds moved back. I could not relocate them. I couldn't help but wonder what else came in with this bird.

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