Friday, May 2, 2014

They Just Keep Coming...

 Just when we think the wave of birds coming in from the North is beginning to wind down, Karen Cappell makes the next great find - THREE Northern Wheatears in close proximity to each other.
 News quickly spread and Alvan Buckley set out to re-find them. In a flash, he had one in his sights and called the other birders in. It took a little while of searching before Ed Hayden relocated this one. We all got a good look, for a few moments that is.
As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. Right before our eyes.... We saw the direction it flew, but there was no seeing this bird again. We were not close, but it still seemed troubled by our presence.  From the reading of the post to watching the Wheatear fly off took only about 40 minutes. As far as I know, there has not been a sure sighting of this birds since Wednesday afternoon. I count myself lucky:)

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