Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rusty Blackbirds - Power's Road

 While I seem to be really slow in tallying up a year list, I have been fortunate to see some really good birds and to have close looks at them.
 On Thursday, I checked some of my favorite spots on Power's Road. Once again, I got a quick look at two Rusty Blackbirds flying overhead and speedily disappearing over the treetops. Twice, I missed getting shots of those birds in the same area. I must be losing my touch.
 A little put out, I drove up the road to check to see if the Hermit Thrush or the Magnolia Warbler might be back.
 Hearing lots of chatter along the roadside, I was driving very slowly. Then, about a kilometer away from my first sighting of Rusty Blackbirds, three flew out of the woods in front of me. One crossed the road and sat perched high in a distant tree. Two chose to land in the ditch right in front of me.
 I carefully got out of the car to try to see them better. They were calm and nonchalant about my being there.
 I watched them in the ditch for a long time, but there was never a ditch-moment when they weren't blocked by twigs. Not wanting to send them scurrying, I just watched.
 In time, they began to move about. Still in close proximity, I did get a few clear views of them and made sure to maximize the opportunity.
 While watching these two, the one on the opposite side of the road came a little closer allowing for these two shots. These birds were clearly on a feeding mission and nothing was going to impede that. (I am thoroughly convinced that I saw 5 Rusty Blackbirds on that day.)
 The three, then, reunited and flew down into a marshy area where they stayed for additional time - at least 20 minutes all told.
I watched and loved every minute of it. A Common Grackle joined them in the marsh (not pictured here.) I left them all happy as Rusty Blackbirds in a Marsh. Check out:

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