Monday, May 12, 2014

Like Rain After A Drought!

 I wasn't the only one out there hunting for birds on this weekend. This stout little guy was also keeping his eyes peeled.
 There are some birds one expects to see, and then there are the scattered surprises that really make a day. This American Tree Sparrow was that bird for Saturday. Reported by Mike P. as visiting his feeder, I rushed to Cuckhold's Cove Trail to get a look. I was rewarded!
 This is my first Swamp Sparrow of the year and may be the first one around. So far, I've heard of no other reports. This one was at Bidgood's Park.
 While at Bidgood's, I thought I saw a Barn Swallow, but couldn't be sure as the bird zoomed by quickly. I wondered if there might be swallows at Third Pond. They were not obvious, but they were there. After about 20 minutes of watching the Black-tailed Godwit, I spotted this Tree Swallow in the distance. Then, it disappeared, only to reappear a short time later with a Barn Swallow.
 On Sunday morning, I went out in the warmer-than-usual weather to search specifically for a Palm Warbler. I checked several potential areas and then....jackpot. This one nearly got away without identification. Just as I spotted the bright yellow in the thicket, a walker came along and actually nudged me out of the way. I couldn't see it any more. She assured me it was yellow, and oh, it was a goldfinch. My stress level was rising, and then, she moved on. I struggled to see the bird again and finally, got this record shot. "Oh, me nerves!" Hmm...this must be similar to the feeling related to someone climbing all over you in your car to get a look through your scope.

 It's always nice to see the warblers returning. They bring such joy to the woods.
 Greater Yellowlegs are showing up at numerous watering holes.
 Of course, I had to have a few more good looks at the Eastern Phoebe. Who knows when I might see one again.
 The little Ruby-crowned Kinglets are adding their big voice to the chorus of songs that is just now "ramping" up. Happy Days are here again...

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