Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nesting Behaviour

As I strolled around the city ponds yesterday, I observed several chickadees collecting nesting materials. It was also impossible to ignore the many trees damaged from the winter winds. At Kent's Pond, I spotted this hole in one such tree at and thought it looked like there may have been some bird-drilling going on within. I stopped to look more closely.

Much to my surprise, a Boreal Chickadee dove into the hole and disappeared.

Within seconds, it emerged from the cavity with a mouthfull of shavings.

In a flash it lifted off with the materials and disappeared into the trees. Clearly, this Boreal was gathering lumber to construct its nest. However, I don't think it was this bird that splintered the lining of this cavity. I will keep an eye on this area to see what other activity is going on there. It is such an interesting time in the bird kingdom right now.

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