Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween to all the little goblins who will be racing from house to house this evening. Have great fun and be careful.
Trick or Treat? When I went to Renews about ten days ago, as usual, I was driving very slowly down the road along Renews Beach.  A black bird sitting on a bench on the opposite side of the road caught my attention. "Wow! I found a black bird," I thought.  Could it be the Red-winged Blackbird reported earlier?  I stopped the car and had a quick look with my binos.  I saw the eye only and didn't really look look the bird over for fear that it might fly away and I would miss getting a shot.
I put my binos down and grabbed my camera.  I was shooting away when the home owner came out. "Oh, no," the bird will fly.  It didn't.  The man walked right along side of it, and it didn't fly.  "I better have another look at this bird."  When I put the binos on it, I was so surprised to see it was a Halloween Bird, and I had been tricked. Nevertheless, it was a treat.

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