Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red-winged Blackbird

When a bird sighting is posted on the Discussion Group, don't be fooled into thinking it will be a snap to find it. Yet, the information does offer hope and a starting point. After all, a little hunting makes it even more special when I actually find the bird.
Last Thursday, I set out to try to re-locate the Red-winged Blackbird spotted at Mundy Pond. The weather was awful; rain, drizzle and fog with a very high wind.  I bundled up in weather-appropriate gear and fought the elements all the way around Mundy Pond - twice! All I came up with was a small flock of goldfinch, junco and one sparrow. Wet, cold and deflated I headed to my car. Once in, I sat for a moment just to recover from the very uncomfortable walk. Strike out!
On Friday, the rain and fog were replaced by sun, but the wind was still ripping. Nevertheless, I had to try again.  Once again, dressed in layers, I headed straight for Mundy Pond.  I had walked half way around the pond (fighting the wind all the way) when I spotted a small bird dashing into the low bushes near the trail to the island. With its size and light coloring, I thought that looked really interesting - maybe a warbler?
I began to inch my way into the trail to try to find this bird to get a better look. I wasn't having much luck when I caught sight of something flying by, probably a wind-blown leaf.  I looked up and in flew the Red-winged Blackbird.  Without thought, I raised my camera and began shooting.  Got it! I watched as it landed on a tree on the island. Between me and the bird was a very wet trail.  With my boots in the car, I had to settle for distant looks.
The blackbird then took flight again and flew down into the low shrubs on the far side of the island.  For anyone else looking to see this bird, I would recommend to wear boots and check out the island more closely.  I think this may be where it is staying most of the time. Better go soon, because any day now, it will probably leave.

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