Monday, October 8, 2012

An Abundance of American Pipits

When I think of American Pipits, I think of water.  I guess that is because, up until now, all but one of the pipits I have seen have been near the shoreline. This one was photographed at Cape Spear on August 19th, further fueling my belief.  I really hadn't ever thought of seeing pipits in large flocks either.
Well, that changed on the weekend. The beach in St. Shott's was dizzying with American Pipits flying about everywhere. The approximately 30 pipits offered up my best opportunity to really watch these lively birds.
 I was further dismayed this morning when I went hunting with my son, and we came upon a flock of about 30 American Pipits all along the road side and in the fields on Power's Road. Just about the time I think I know something about a bird, a new experience reminds me just how elementary my birding knowledge is. While this is a very humbling experience, it certainly adds to the excitement of every outing and every bird.

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