Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tennessee Warbler

When I learned that the name of this bird is a Tennessee Warbler, my interest peaked. With Tennessee a neighboring state to my home of Arkansas, I thought there must be an interesting story here. Well, the story is this warbler mostly stays in Canada and only travels to Tennessee during Winter. Knowing the temps there and the temps here during the winter months, maybe I should follow this little bird south each year.

The Tennessee Warbler is stocky and short and is not nearly as colorful as many of the other warblers that come to Newfoundland. However, better lighting may have revealed the olive green color of its upper parts. You may recognize the same tree in the surroundings. This is one of the many warblers that were found in the huge pine trees in Goulds. It is too bad that the height of the trees and the persistently bad weather combined to hinder good picture taking of these many warblers.
As the flies get thicker it is a reminder that all of these birds that feed on insects, like this one, play a very important part in the ecological balance and making it more tolerable for us to be in the woods. I think we need more insect-eating birds as the flies are getting pretty thick out there.
I am making some good progress on my garden and still finding time to get out to locate a new bird almost everyday. My camera is loaded with fresh, bright new pictures of the new species that I have found. With the rain and winds dominating the day, I hope to get them unloaded today and cropped soon.
 The shore birds are beginning to make regular appearances, now.  There were two at Kenny's Pond yesterday evening and there is an American Bittern hiding away near the bird blind at Long Pond. I am hoping to catch a glimpse of that one soon. Where ever you are, take time to get outdoors to soak in the amazing nature that surrounds you and don't forget to look up!

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