Thursday, June 10, 2010

Black-throated Green Warbler

I made progress with the gardening yesterday, but there is still much to do. It is a good thing that I have a backlog of photos to share during this time.

Today, I am featuring the Black-throated Green Warbler. This warbler tends to eat along the middle of the branch and rarely moves to the tips which makes getting a good picture very difficult.The lighting, distance,  tree cover and bird behaviour has affected the quality of my photos, so I am uploading several shots in the hope that you will be able to see the markings of this little bird.

The Green Warbler is common to Newfoundland and tends to appear in coniferous trees such as this where they feed on insects. It has a bright yellow face with an olive green patch over its ear. Its upper parts are olive-green and has a grey tail and has grey wings with two white bars. The crown of its head is olive-green and it also has a distinct black bib.

I have seen this bird twice in Goulds on two different days. Every time I go to Goulds I find myself wondering what it is that attracts so many birds there. Each trip seems to produce a new bird. Of course, being a new birder it is not difficult to find new birds.  My annual list has grown to 105 species since January.

You may have noticed that the fly population has come alive. Perhaps there are more insects in Goulds than here in East St. John's. That is a real comfort trade-off - flies for birds!

Today, I need to complete some more chores and will not likely get out for birding. However, tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny, warm day - perfect conditions to find little birds and get my Canon snapping.

"Look up, waaaaay up!"

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