Sunday, June 6, 2010

Muscovy Duck

I took a drive around CBS last Wednesday afternoon when the sun came out. It is so different to drive and walk around with no particular destination in mind. It is like being in the mall on a rainy day when a clerk asks if they can help you. My usual answer is "No, thank you. I'm just browsing." That is what I am doing when I go birdwatching - finding likely places and just browsing. Time can really get away from you though, particularly on a sunny, warm day.
On Wednesday, I decided to explore some of the pond roads. I discovered that almost every community has a Pond Road. I believe that it was on Gully's Pond Road where I met up with this domestic Muscovy Duck.  At first I was quite excited when I noticed a different duck at quite a distance.  As I got closer, I recognized this as the Muscovy Duck.  Apparently, its owner has several and releases them in the "wild" during the Spring and Summer.

The Muscovy Duck does exist in wild flocks in Mexico, Central and South America. Nevertheless, it has been domesticated in these and other parts of the world for meat and eggs. While it may be a domesticated duck, it is still very nice to have a chance to see one here in this province.

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