Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nesting Box

How fitting that I just posted photos of the Tree Swallow! I looked out my window Sunday morning and what should I see but a pair of Tree Swallows checking out my nesting box. I have had the box up for two summers with no activity at all. This summer I relocated the box according to the reference materials and voila, there were my first nesting box visitors.

The pair of swallows sat on the power line for a while then the male swallow flew into the box to check it out. The female continued sitting as if waiting for directions from her mate. Then the male peeped out and seemed to call her to come have a look. He disappeared back into the box and she went to have a look for herself.

She looked in and then joined her mate and they stayed inside together for a while. There was a noise in the neighborhood and the two of them popped out and flew away. What kind of bird conversation must they have had? What do they say to each other to decide to move in or move on? They certainly seemed to know exactly what they were looking for and it also seemed to be a joint decision. So far, they have not returned.
I must be doing something right to have at least attracted them to have a look. I will continue reading and make adjustments in the yard as needed to bring new life and many birds into my territory. This was the first pair of Tree Swallows that I have seen in this area. How amazing it is that a bird just passing by can spot a potential nesting area! It is similar to the Bluejay. I never see him in the neighborhood until I put peanuts in my feeder and right out of the blue, there he is. I am determined to create a bird friendly yard that will attract many species. This week I am adding a water feature to the yard. If it ever stops raining and the ground and pools can dry up, that should help.

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