Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One Great Bird After Another!

 The dry spell is over! Within the last several weeks, one great bird after another has appeared on the Avalon Peninsula. There has been a frenzy of birders rushing from one place to another in an effort to see them all.
 Just because a bird has been located, there is no guarantee each birder will see them all. This Summer Tanager is a good example. Let's face it, birds have a little mind of their own. Helping birders to see it is not one of their most important concerns now.
With the onslaught of days of SW winds, it has not been easy for them to make their get-away.  Fortunately, after more than a hour of looking, this bird made a brief 30 second appearance in Portugal Cove South yesterday. Ethel D. and I were lucky to see it, and honestly....somewhat relieved since this was one of the main reasons of the drive down the southern shore. Whew!

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