Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Jaunt to La Manche Provincial Park

 At last... a day out of town! Margie M. and I had a great day of birding the La Manche area earlier this week.
Of course on our wish-list was the Blue-headed Vireo, but it was no guarantee. As soon as we got out of the car near the house near the park entrance, Margie heard the vireo. It was singing loudly, but it stayed well out of our view. We gave up and went into the park itself where there were very few birds. On our way out, we stopped one more time and got a brief look at the vireo. What a lovely song!
Very much present on the park road were the lovely Black-throated Green Warblers. I can never get enough of them.
We went on to the La Manche hiking trail where we saw several warblers, a possible flycatcher and heard this Gray-cheeked Thrush. Its call was what helped us to identify this bird long before we saw it. Finally, after staying in the area for quite some time, it showed itself. These birds, unlike their cousin the Hermit Thrush, are very hard to see. They are much more elusive, so we considered ourselves very lucky to have had a look, no matter how brief.

When bird sightings have dried up here in St. John's, it was really great to see as many birds as we did along the route to Renews.

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