Saturday, July 12, 2014

Few Came Out to Greet Me

 Took an afternoon last week to dart over to Power's Road in Goulds. As I expected, there weren't many birds.
 The high winds and natural cycle of the birds at this time of the year kept them out of sight.
 I could hear small chips and partial songs coming from the woods, but I saw very few birds.
 Given that, I took a little extra time looking at the few birds that did show themselves. This Song Sparrow was one of those birds.
 I gathered that those that came out in the open did so as a protective measure for nestlings.
There has been a pair of Yellow Warblers in my back yard for several weeks now. That suggests they have a nest buried deep within the large leaves of a nearby Maple Tree. When fall comes and the leaves disappear, I fully expect to see a nest lodged in the low branches.

It was interesting when I hooked up my water fountain for the season. As soon as it was functioning and I went inside, the male Yellow Warbler went straight for a drink. It has been quite dry so far this summer and nesting birds are looking for a regular source of water. A small water feature sure helps to draw the birds in. Several American Goldfinch regularly stop in for a sip of cool water.

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