Monday, July 14, 2014

A Hidden Vireo

 My first Red-eyed Vireo of the summer was a tough one. As soon as I arrived at Kelly's Brook, I heard it singing. I listened and listened trying to tell which direction it was in. The wind was obviously playing tricks. It was not easy to track this one down.
 What a difference a week makes! When I was at Kelly's Brook last week, there wasn't a sound. On Friday, this vireo was there along with three Common Grackles, two Yellow Warblers, several chickadees, a Kingfisher and some Juncos. Maybe this is the start of something good in that area.
What surprised me about this Red-eyed Vireo was how high it was staying in the trees. The others I have seen much later in the summer were all located about eye level and readily came out for a look before vanishing into the underbrush. Oh, yes. I do remember one high-dweller in the Spring near Dave Brown's home. I guess this particular bird is still in Spring-mode defending its territory.

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