Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Birds

 It seems like a long, dry spell for woodland birds. I have looked for woodpeckers, finch, sparrows and more, to no avail. Nevertheless, on many days I still dress in five layers and head out into the cold.

The near absence of small birds doesn't lessen the lure of the land to draw me outdoors. I am revitalized each time a draw a breath of fresh, very fresh (albiet cold) air. I am further charged by often seeing something for the first time, something I have eyed over and over before.

When there is no distraction fluttering around a tree or hopping on the ground, I tend to be more attentive to the other things around me.
Bowring Park draws many people, season in and season out. Many are enjoying the recreational resources, jogging or walking at a fast clip. This is a place that really warrants a slow stroll to actually see all that it has to offer.

The area is steeped in history and commemoration. What a great history lesson for young and old! I see so many busses lined up at the Fluvarium, Pippy Park, but I have yet to see a school group walking through the park, learning about the history that Newfoundlanders feel so proud of as to erect momument after momument to ensure we never forget.

This is the best web site I could find that succinctly provides an overview of the many treasures and history of this park.

Beyond the sculptured history are many interesting stories about trees planted around the park. That would be a venture unto itself, to stroll around looking for the many varieties of trees native to the area and learn the stories behind those imported and planted by dignitaries. It seems no one has gotten around to preparing a grounds map notating all of the special features of the great park.

 Last but certainly not least, this is one of the more civilized areas to visit in the winter. Unlike many of the other parks in the city and surrounding areas, the washrooms remain open all winter, heated. That makes it easier to spend a day there. However, it would be necessary to rotate the car if planning to stay the day. There is a two-hour parking limit imposed on the east end parking lot.
It was reported that Mrs. Rose Crosby was searching for a water trough like this one to install on the grounds of the Lieutenant Govenor's residence. Last I heard, she hasn't been able to find one, which may make this the last existing water trough that was standard fare in downtown St. John's years ago.

Then, there are the simple, natural creations sculpted delicately as only Nature can do. These ice candles will burn until the warmth of the sun melts them away.
Enjoying all of this makes it a little more tolerable that they are so few birds to find.

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