Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Interesting Day

 When I realized the wind was low and temps were tolerable, I decided to make a drive to Cappahayden. I saw many different species of birds and these great moose.
 When I reached the edge of La Manche Provential Park, I spotted a moose in the field. I stopped to have a better look and was surprised to find FOUR.
 There were two males and two females. Both females were hidden behind brush. I waited.
 Then, out of nowhere a big rig came barreling down the highway. It didn't take long for all of the moose to scatter and disappear.
 I counted six points on one male and eight on the other.
 When I arrived in Cappahayden, I went in search of my target bird, Western Kingbird, found by Bruce and Company on Saturday. There it was on a wire... a rose between.....
 None of my pictures of the day were fit to keep except for the subject matter. The day was gray, and it was very hard to strike a balance between camera settings to try to accommodate that.
 Nevertheless, I tried, and these shots are the sad result. This is such a beautiful bird, but I did not capture its real beauty.

 I came up with these photo of a sparrow in the brush below the kingbird. The more I look at them, the more this bird resembles a Lincoln's Sparrow. It is, indeed, a Lincoln's.

 On the way back home, I stopped at Bear Cove Beach where I found some extremely vocal White-rumped Sandpipers. I include this one because it is so dark, not a typical looking White-rumped.  In the same area there were Surf Scoters and two White-winged Scoters, one Red-throated Loon and two American Pipits. The area was really busy.
 Renews beach was empty. I did find a Greater Yellowlegs on the inner beach, but that's all.
 Bear Cove Pit Road was fairly quiet with juncos, kinglets and gray jay. While watching them, I heard something different, not drumming.
 I listened and looked around having no idea what I was hearing. Then, bang! In flies this great Black-backed Woodpecker.
 I have never seen one on that road before so it was extra nice. Again, I am disappointed with the pictures. As the day wore on, the sky got even darker.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention the Orange-Crowned Warbler seen in Cappahayden. Despite migration and because of migration, I saw a good variety of birds including Cedar Waxwings, two Red Crossbills and five Mourning Dove along the way at different locations. It was a day of anticipation, never knowing what might appear next. That's my favorite kind of day.

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