Thursday, October 19, 2017

Interesting Winter Ahead

 Last winter it was difficult to see any kind of finch, probably because the woods were void of cones and berries. Now, this year may offer up a much different story. The hillsides are red with dogberries. Everywhere you look branches are hanging heavy with the prize winter berry for birds. Cone crops are also looking good.
 Late last week I came upon two large flocks (40 to 50 individuals each) of White-winged Crossbills in Flatrock and Pouch Cove.  A good sign? Maybe. Evening Grosbeaks were also very hard to come by in the winter of 2017. While I have not seen any yet this season, we just may find them returning for the winter of 2018.
 There is good news and bad news in the story. Yes, there will be plenty of food, but predictions are it is going to be a harsh winter. Let's hope the birds stay around for winter and are hardy enough to survive it.
I have my hopes up to see more than Red-breasted Nuthatch this year.

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