Sunday, November 16, 2014

King of Rennie's River Trail

 About two weeks ago when the temps were mild, the winds were low, the river was raging from a recent deluge and the tree's were dressed in their fall color, I went for a stroll along the Rennie's River trail.
While nature was at its wildest and at its calmest, I found scant birds. Only one Black-capped Chickadee stepped up to greet me.
 The rushing waters had jammed a tethered boat up against a rock, and the waters roared as they rushed to Quidi Vidi Lake.

 Moving away from the noise of the river was a welcome break from the deafening noise.
 The palette of colors from the different deciduous trees provided moving scenery as I meandered back to my car. Without a puff of wind, the colorful leaves draped naturally from each and every tree, each one catching the sun in its own delightful way.
I was glad to have this last look before the onslaught of the crazy-high winds that followed over the next few days. Now, it is a double whammy! No birds and no leaves..., just colder temperatures and steady, gusting winds! Time to buy a book!

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