Thursday, November 6, 2014

Loop de Loop

 Making an early-morning drive through the northern loop proved to be fruitful. On Bauline Line, I came across about 40 juncos and a Gray Jay. Pouch Cove Line yielded 30 juncos, 2 House Sparrows and a Northern Goshawk.
 Pouch Cove had a flock of 100+ starlings and the usual crows, but the highlight was a Merlin in pursuit of about 25 American Goldfinch. They were too swift for the Merlin.
 When I reached Flatrock, it was teeming with birders and a few remaining small birds. I had a good, but brief, look at an Orange-crowned Warbler. The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was the most cooperative and stayed in the area for a long time. New photos below:  It looks much better in the daylight.
 Once I left the Flatrock activity, I decided to walk a roadside trail. Being a cold, blustery day, I was looking to get out of the wind.
 I came upon a flock of juncos and several chickadees (both species), but the highlight of the walk was this little Downy Woodpecker.
 It stayed in and around me as I walked for at least ten minutes. Never before have I had such good views of a Downy. It was quite exciting.
 Following this, my intention was to continue my search along Marine Drive and Logy Bay, but an important text came in telling me about the Cattle Egret in Bay Bulls.
Without hesitation, I changed my plan and rerouted my trip south. More on the Cattle Egret is yet to come.

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