Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Late-day Surprise

 After spending much of the morning birding around Cape Spear and finding only an Indigo Bunting, I had settled in at home for the rest of the day. That was the case until Shawn Fitzpatrick reported he had seen a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher nearby.

 Back to Flatrock: It was getting darker by the minute. As the gnatcatcher moved around, I was straining to follow it. While revving up my 20/20 vision, I managed to get a glimpse of olive green. What was that? I raised the camera and got one shot.
Then, I couldn't see it. I took several shots in the general direction and managed to capture it one more time. When I saw the white spot on the wing, I wasn't sure at the time if it was a reflection, rain or an actual mark on the bird. When I returned to the car and enlarged the picture, it was apparent, I had just seen my third Black-throated Warbler within the last ten days. This time, it was a female. It was well worth venturing out in the dark and rain to catch two great vagrants in one effort.


  1. Now that is good birding! Congratulations and thanks for the report.

  2. Great to find a Black-throated Blue in NFLD in November. I do believe the photo that you've described as an Indigo Bunting is a brownish Dark-eyed Junco.