Thursday, January 9, 2014

Out of Sorts!

Winter gripped our province over a month ago and hasn't relented since. I can count the number of times I have been birding over the last month on one hand. The wind and cold drive me indoors to stay. When I did eventually venture out, there was so much snow down it was impossible to walk any of the trails and next to impossible to drive the side roads. Then came the power outage, and the situation got even worse.

When the temps rose this week, I headed out to see what I could see. Not many birds! Then, I noticed the roads were disappearing under all of the melting snow making it very difficult to cruise around. I headed home, only to find my own driveway floating in about three inches of water. Having no choice, I grabbed my shovel and began to tackle the six-foot wall of snow that sat atop the storm drain. Two hours later, drenched from the rain, I finally hit the drain and the water began to recede.

This is not fun! I tried to upload some photos today to lighten the mood a bit, but Blogger is not working and my photos are still sitting in the bin.

Looking forward to a calm, mild, dry winter day to get out there and begin the hunt. I wonder if the birds miss me in all the old familiar places???

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  1. Long Pond trail was not too bad. Walking was easier than most parts of the city and trees sheltered people from strong wind. Not many birds as last winter but some were around. We are all waiting for better weather! :)