Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hairy Woodpecker on a Pole

While I had planned to share images of black and white diving ducks today, I realized I don't have any really good images of Lesser Scaup. I will have to work on that. In the meantime, I was looking at pictures of scaup on the "Internet of Everything" and concluded I am not the only one struggling with differentiating a Greater from a Lesser Scaup. Under scaup images, I found Tufted Ducks, Ring-necked Ducks and mislabeled Greater and Lesser Scaup. You just can't believe everything you see/read on the Internet.

In light of a relatively warm and windless morning, I took a drive out to Cape Spear yesterday and came across this great little Hairy Woodpecker. This bird and other "Hairys" have been regularly seen along about a half km stretch of the road around the bus stop.

On the same trip, I also caught a brief glimpse, supported by a picture, of an adult Northern Goshawk flying over the area of Blackhead Crescent. It was so far away, it was a challenge to get an ID, but with the help of those in-the-know, it was determined it was a Goshawk. I can't miss an opportunity to shoot upward, because one of these days, it is going to turn up something really special.

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