Sunday, April 29, 2018

Goulds' Observations

 On a glorious Spring morning this week,  I walked numerous trails in Goulds. Wow! Could this possibly be April? I gradually peeled away the layers of clothing,. Truly my kind of day.
 As I walked around Third Pond, I was surprised by this Mink that slithered into the water too near me for comfort. It swam a short distance and then made eye contact with me.
 After a short standoff, it started toward me again. Uh.....
 It was with relief that I watched as it turned and began to swim away. This creature was a jumbo Mink. I have never seen one quite to large. When I looked up the average size of this fur-bearer, it is typically 24" at adulthood. This one was bigger than that.
 At Bidgood Park, I was interested in this Osprey that was soaring like an eagle, round and round over a field. Why? Puzzled by this fish-eating bird, I watched until it flew off.
 About ten minutes later it appeared on the horizon and flew right over me. Where had it gone?
 When it got close enough, I realized it was carrying something in its talons. Not a fish.... Pictures revealed it to be a piece of plastic. Plastic, plastic everywhere.
As it flew over the park, I could only imagine it had been looking for padding for its nest. No time wasted as this species is just returning to its breeding grounds. There must be a nest somewhere south of the park.

Also seen in Goulds were five Green Comma and one Spring Azure Butterflies. Commas have been out in the area since April 22.

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