Friday, May 11, 2018

Palm Warblers in Good Numbers

 I set out yesterday morning to have a walk and watch specifically for a Palm Warbler. It turned out better than I expected.
 After only 10 minutes with feet on the ground, a Palm Warbler hopped up out of the trail onto a branch. The trail around Cape Spear was not the place I expected to see one.
 Yet, this great little bird, seeming to be a little tired, stayed around for a good while. Its beautiful yellow glowed in the morning light. Mission accomplished! Now, it was time to do a lot of walking.
 I chose several trails along the side of Blackhead Road. In the distance I saw movement. Not risking losing the bird without an ID, I raised my camera rather than binoculars. It was surprising to see another Palm Warbler sitting on a tree.

While looking at the distant bird, another Palm flew in and landed on a branch near me. Then, another... What? At one point I had all three in my view at the same time confirming the presence of three.  Four Palm Warblers in one day, that is unusual. In addition to these, there have been at least two others reported around St. John's. Nice!

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