Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Population Burst

 In early July it is common to see the small birds with loads of food in their mouths. These bugs/insects are gathered for delivery to the newborns anxiously waiting in the nests.
 Adult birds become extremely excited at this time of the year. They have work to do to protect and raise their young. After all, that is the main reason they return to Newfoundland each year.
 Spotted Sandpipers are a mainstay at water's edges, mostly fresh water or brackish. They, too, are there to raise a family.
 When one is seen putting on a distracting show, there is sure to be young nearby.
 With a little extra looking, the little one showed up. How tiny and sweet it was! This is the little "spotlet" seen in Cape Broyle on Canada Day where a bonfire and fireworks show was planned for the night. I wondered how this little guy made out.

The young have grown up now, and amazingly many have left already.  Hope this one survived to make the journey.

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