Monday, September 4, 2017

Birds of Prey at or near Cape Spear

 Over the last week it has been important to look up when at Cape Spear. This morning I was caught completely off guard. What a shame because this American Kestrel was so perfect, but my camera settings were not.
 I was looking at a congregation of Flickers on a light post when they suddenly took off. As they moved out of view this Kestrel moved into view. It was early in the morning and my camera settings were geared for the dim light in and among the trees. I couldn't get a focus on this bird, so I just cranked up the shutter speed until the camera would lock on. Anyway, it was a treat to see a Kestrel  so close to home.
 Last week this Merlin was much more cooperative. First it flew straight at me as I was just walking out in the open from Cape Spear Path. I was stunned.
 It circled around for a while and stayed a couple of minutes which gave me plenty of time to adjust for sky shots.
 It really put on a big show.
 Two days ago this Northern Goshawk was hunting over the ground just before the walking path. It paid no attention to me, and went on about its business.
Overlapping the presence of the Goshawk another bird of prey flew by. This one didn't stay and flew straight out over the water. Is it the Merlin I saw earlier? Could it be a Peregrine? That, I will never know.

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