Monday, September 4, 2017

Southern Shore - September 3

 Just can't help myself at this time of the year. Knowing the birds are moving makes me move. The first head-snapper of the day was this pair of Hooded Mergansers. Usually, I don't stop at the ponds before La Manche, but as I drove by I saw white on the head of a duck. Definitely not a Ring-necked Duck that breed in this pool. I stopped. It was clear by the beak these were mergansers, but not a typical look. These did not show a fanned head. I wondered if they were moulting.
 The most challenging bird of the day was this flycatcher. It has been deemed an Alder Flycatcher, but I am still not quite convinced this is what it is. Could this possibly be a first-record Acadian?
 It is much less common to see an Alder at this time of the year, and the overall impression of this bird when seen was not an Alder. I didn't hear it call at all. It just "popped" on the branch because of it bright white belly.
 This bird appeared so much bigger than the usual empidonax flycatchers. Again, maybe because of its bright white color.
 Whether it is an Alder or something else will probably never be known for sure.
 With good weather and good birds, I find myself in places where the flies are the thickest. Naturally, fly-eating birds are going to congregate where the flies are bountiful. Every one of them bit me.
 I found a large flock of warblers at Hell Hill. I stayed with the flock for a long time looking for something out of the ordinary. They just aren't here yet.
 The Black-throated Green Warblers were the most plentiful of all warblers seen during the day. However, it was this beautiful male Common Yellowthroat that took the prize.
 By 11 a.m. most of the birds on Bear Cove Point Road were gone. I consider myself  lucky to get really nice views of both the male and female of this species.
It is exciting to wonder what the days ahead may have in store for us here in Newfoundland. Great birds driven off  the beaten path make for happy days for the birders of this province.

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