Monday, August 22, 2016

Second Pond Trail

 It was pretty quiet on my walk in the trail. I felt lucky to see this Black and White and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.
The walk out was more fruitful. I always enjoy seeing the little Common Yellowthroat. Figured I had hit the jackpot.
 Then, this little Downy Woodpecker flew out in front of me on the trail.
 It wasn't at all shy and stayed around quite a while.
 Shortly thereafter, I found this Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. There seem to be a lot of them this year.
 Then, in the distance I saw this one. It certainly looks yellow in its surroundings, but I've seen that happen before. This bird was very far, and there must have been something between us that kept throwing my focus off. This was the best shot I could get. What struck me about this bird was that it was very small. If it was something other than a Yellow-bellied, I can't say. It did provide an exciting few moments though.
 Then.... I had Magnolias.....three. Each one looks a little different from the other.
 I really struggled with near, far, sun, shade and plenty of obstructions trying to get shots. These birds were not cooperative, saying low and hidden most of the time.

 Then, I couldn't believe it, there were four Hermit Thrush. Where did all of these birds come from?
Add to the mix a few Yellow Warblers, Yellow-rumped, Wilson's Warblers and a couple of Blackpolls, and all of a sudden the walk became very productive. Add one Osprey flying over the pond. Of note: There were no shorebirds around the pond.

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