Monday, August 22, 2016

Fourth Pond Story

 I made my routine turn to Fourth Pond in Goulds this morning. I was immediately greeted by the sound of loons. I pulled off to have a look. There were five adult loons calling and flapping around the water. What a show! Even the geese wouldn't venture into the water. No sign of any ducks in the area.
 I went on about my day and decided to return to check on the loons as I left Goulds. No loons in sight, the geese were again in command of the pond, and ducks dotted the shorelines. I saw two little Green-winged Teal preening. Nice. I started my drive out when I spotted another small duck. Couldn't confirm it was a Green-winged Teal, so I turned around to go back and have a closer look.
 What a nice surprise. It was a great little Blue-winged Teal. It flew when I got the car too close, but landed on a rock where I could see it better. While watching another car came in and this skittish bird flew. I lost sight of it, so I don't know if it landed in the far end of the pond or flew off.
It is so nice to see this bird up close.

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