Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Handsome Blackbird

 When Spring arrives, we in Newfoundland get all excited about the return of the Rusty Blackbird for all of the obvious reasons. Yet, the best looking blackbird to prance around St. John's is the Common Grackle.
 In many places blackbirds are considered a big nuisance, but here most any bird is a wonder.
 In Winter, a medium-sized flock of Common Grackle move around the east end gobbling up anything edible. It is difficult to get photos of them when they are flocking because they seem to be very skittish and flush very easily.
 However, in the spring and summer there is a better opportunity to find a lone grackle that will stay around long enough for a few photos.
This particular grackle was photographed in Renews in late May where another regular small flock often appears. He was certainly strutting his stuff.  I haven't seen the St. John's flock yet this winter, but I bet it will be found on Boxing Day when the Christmas Bird count takes place.

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