Thursday, December 17, 2015

Banded Gull Update

 After several stops at Quidi Vidi Lake and area I was able to see three banded or tagged birds I hadn't seen before. This Herring Gull and the Iceland Gull pictured below are tagged with the "M" series of tags. These two birds were banded in the QV area last winter and have returned this year.
 This Herring Gull with a wing tag 200 is interesting. I saw it only once and got a pitiful little photo, but enough to read the number. I have submitted this sighting for additional information. However, I have heard back indicating the tagging of this bird had not been submitted to them yet. I submitted this photo, and they are looking into it. I will update when I get more info.
I also saw the banded Mew Gull and was able to verify it is the bird that has been returning to winter here for several years. I will continue to eye bands and tags as I find the history of the bird to be very interesting.

Note: I will add these new birds to my Banded Birds Page later.

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