Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tufted Ducks: Our Winter Treasure

 It is easy to take certain winter birds for granted, like they will always be here.
 There is certainly no guarantee. The Tufted Duck is considered rare in Newfoundland. Yet, every year they show up. I think the high number reported this year is as many as 50.

 That means there are probably 50 miserable birds! The weather has been unkind this year with record-breaking winds, snow and cold temps.
 Having to move around all over the city looking for open water may make them rethink this stop next year.
 It can happen that no Tufted Ducks come our way. An example of that is the American Coot. Each year, we have had several coots around the city. This year, there are none. I guess it was a good year for them to bypass us considering harsh winter of 2013-14. However, I do miss them.
For now, it is good to get out to enjoy these great little ducks at every opportunity. Wish I could go today, but I have a backlog of things to do with this rare sunny day - the first in five days!

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