Monday, March 26, 2012

First Ring-necked Duck of the Spring -2012

On a whim, I took a drive Sunday morning not expecting to see much. Well, I didn't see much for that fact, but I did come upon this stunning male Ring-necked Duck.  Driving along Petty Harbour Road toward Goulds, I saw this handsome bird shining in the distance on the right side of the road.

I pulled off the road and grabbed my binos.  With the bright sun, this bird glistened from top to bottom. The black head shined, the white sides flashed and the yellow eye looked like the burning sun. All of that was through the binoculars, of course.  Try, as I did, I could not get a decent picture of this bird from the distance and the bright light. If only I could show you what I saw in the binos....

The ringed neck was visible most of the time. This particular drake looked like he was all dressed up for a wedding. Unfortunately, there was no bride anywhere to be found.

It is really funny how a bird that is relatively common at certain times of the year,  looks so impressive when it first returns after a long vacation.

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