Tuesday, February 16, 2010

American Crow

Taking care of business has kept me from birding for two whole days. I was tempted to head out late this afternoon but the weight of tax preparation was hanging heavy. I decided to be "good" and organize my tax papers today. That is a far cry from the joy of the great outdoors and the sound of my shutter clicking!

For days like this, I have thousands of pictures to sort and and "photoshop." Tonight, I have chosen a simple shot of an American Crow. One important thing that I discovered in my early days of birding is that the camera captures so much more than I see with the naked eye. There are sharp, distinct colors and textures that I viewed but never really saw.

This crow was enjoying a fresh orange. While he was a bit suspicious of my motives, he was not going to chance leaving his treat for a moment.

Note: I don't always use a black or white background. This is a technique that I am currently learning; so several of my recent shots have been framed in this way.

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