Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Compton Tortoiseshell

 Confession: I don't know much about butterflies, but I know I enjoy looking and photographing them. I also know when I am seeing something I haven't seen before. This was the case when the Compton Tortoiseshell appeared in front of me on a trail off Blackhead Road. Oddly, it appeared around the same time as an Atlantis Fritillary which also showed up in the same area for the first time.
When seeing a new butterfly, it is often difficult to identify them. I have several books, but none is a complete reference of our local butterflies. The one very helpful resource is a local Google group set up for insect reports. Those who participate in this group are very helpful in sharing info about a species.  Visit:!forum/nfinsects

From there I learned this is a very common species in Ontario. As it turns out 2017 was an extremely good year for them. How did it get here, I wonder.....

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