Monday, August 28, 2017

A Mausey Day

 This day dawned much like the last two days... too cool, too foggy, and too damp. Not very promising for "warblering," but what the heck?

In Blackhead when I saw this vibrant sunflower, I figured it would be the brightest thing I would see during the morning.
 Not so bright, but still flashing a nice yellow, I saw four Yellow Warblers.  Even they didn't look as bright as usual under the gray sky.
 A Blackpoll Warbler was also looking quite yellow, but not quite what I was looking for.
 Ahhh, a Magnolia, two! I have seen seven in the last two days. It is a beautiful bright yellow, always eye-catching.
 While watching the Magnolia, I caught sight of a bright orange-yellow. Now, that is more like it. This great Blackburnian Warbler was not showing itself well, and I was lucky to get a couple of shots to clearly identify it.
It's not everyday I get to see a Blackburnian. In fact, I think I have only seen about four, ever. While it was exciting, it was a little disappointing it disappeared so quickly. It all happened so fast if it weren't for my pictures, I might think I just had a little mind lapse.

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