Monday, November 21, 2016

Nevermind the rain: Just Bird

 It just felt like a birding day. Yes, there was rain in the forecast, but the temp was high and the winds were low. I just had to give it a try. First stop: Ball field. Just as I pulled up there in the early morning, the Great Egret made a quick fly over. It was headed for the ball field, but turned around and went back up Virginia River. Second Stop: The Legion. There, I saw the resident Prairie Warbler, but also caught sight of another bird.  After 30 minutes of following it, nearly walking in the river in the process, out popped this bright Yellow-breasted Chat.  I was surprised, because all I had seen of it was the dark, top body. The yellow was brilliant. I also think I saw another small bird, but I could not get a look at it at all.

Third Stop: Quidi Vidi Lake. Warm and relaxed, I headed around the lake. There were no birds whatsoever until I reached the last bend before the end of the East End. Several sparrows were flying around the low growth. Then, something quite greenish looking bolted. I raised my camera and was able to capture this second YB Chat. I was really surprised. So enthralled was I with this development, I failed to notice the big storm moving in. I hurried to the gazebo to take cover from the pouring rain and lightening.  As the storm got closer, I shut off all of my electronics and waited the storm out. Once the sky cleared I headed back to "the spot." Not one single bird showed itself.

 Dripping wet, I headed to my car.  I took one more look around the Legion greenery.
 While scanning the area, my eye landed on the Great Egret sitting on a rooftop. Please forgive the excessive number of photos, but I am not used to seeing this profile on our skyline.

 When the egret flew off, it headed back toward Virginia River. It was nice to talk with some walkers who were just as excited about seeing this bird as I was. It never gets old.

I checked out a few more places before heading home to dry off. Later in the afternoon, I checked Kelly's Brook and Rennie's River. The last shot in this series is of a small bird I saw at the brook. It was with kinglets and may very well be a kinglet. However, it looks too yellow. This one remains a puzzle.

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