Monday, November 7, 2016

Nearly Missed Forster's Tern

 Seeing a new bird never gets old. On the day this Forster's Tern was found, I had chosen to bird another area. I really figured I had missed this brid.
 On the off chance it might still be around, I drove to Renews the next day. Even then, if it were not for Ed Hayden, I still would have missed it. I was looking in all the wrong places.

 When I finally found it, I saw it very well. In fact, it flew so close to me I could have reached out and touched it. It put on an entertaining display of fishing and playing with its food. It tossed this little fish in the air and caught it again mid-flight. Thanks to Bruce M. for reporting this bird.
 Of course, you can't go to Renews without birding other areas. While checking the roadside near Bear Cove Beach, I came across this lingering Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Also on Bear Cove Pt. Road, I am pretty sure I saw an Ovenbird. I flushed it as I drove up the road, but could not relocate it to verify. It was the ONLY bird on the road.
Recently, I came across the lingering Black and White Warbler. It won't be long before he regrets it, I'm sure.

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