Tuesday, October 4, 2016


 I first saw this oriole on the distant tree. The nearly-white body caught my attention. Much to my surprise it flew in toward my car where I was sitting. It made such a chatter. I listened to the sounds of a Bullock's Oriole and of the Baltimore Oriole. It sure sounded like a Bullock's. As I study these images against two field guides and the internet, I am still confused.
The 1st year Baltimore Oriole ca also have a pale body with yellow under tail coverts. The head seems more yellow than a first year Baltimore. For every justification I see for this bird to be a Bullock's, I also see the possibility for it to be a Baltimore. Given where we are, the odds are its a Baltimore. I have sent shots to those who will know better than I and will update this when I get an answer.

The consensus is a Baltimore Oriole.

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