Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Winter Just Around the Corner

 Still wanting for more vagrant warblers, I was not too excited to see Snow Buntings around Cape Spear. They herald the coming of Winter, a season I don't really enjoy.
Interestingly enough, at the same time I saw the  Snow Buntings, I also saw a small, warbler-like bird fly down from the old lighthouse to the lower trail. It looked black with a white belly. With the tricky conditions created by Fall light, it probably was not black. Was it blue? Could it have been a Black-throated Blue Warbler? With that thought in mind, I spent another 45 minutes looking around the area trying to relocate that bird. No luck.

There remain a few possible vagrants on the list of typical Fall birds: Lark Sparrow; Black-throated Blue; Indigo Bunting, and Philadelphia Vireo. Of course, anything could show up at any time or not.....

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