Tuesday, October 25, 2016

First-winter Blackburnian Warbler

 After a two-week draught of warblers, it was especially nice to see this Blackburnian Warbler this morning South of Cape Spear.
 The shots are not good, but good enough to make a clear identification.  This apparently is an immature bird. It will be fine today as there were lots of insects in the wooded area.
 However, it is sure the weather will change quickly, and this little one should get out of here quickly. It was looking in every direction as if trying to figure out which way to go.

Also seen in this general area were an adult Bald Eagle, Sharp-shinned Hawk, about 10 mixed flock of chickadees.
This bird was seen near the lower lookout at Cape Spear. The eye ring is extremely prominent, but I'm pretty sure this is an American Pipit.

It was a perfect morning for birding, and there were lots of birds moving about.

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