Sunday, May 15, 2016

One by One

 The birds are returning and they picked a beautiful day for it. I was up early this morning and headed straight to Goulds. It was me, the birds and one young mother strolling a fussy baby in the early morning hours. Birding was fantastic. These shots are not comprehensive nor are they presented in any particular order. The first was a bit of serendipity. As I thought I had seen all the park had to offer, I spotted this small bird in the distance. I couldn't tell what it was, so I snapped a shot just as it took off. Here is my first Blackpoll Warbler of the season.
 Two Black and White Warblers were singing in the park and this one further up Power's Road. Nice to have them back.
 This Northern Waterthrush was  my second for the day found on Power's Road. The first is shown below sitting a top a tree where it sang a good song.

 I have been checking Ruby Line Pond/Puddle regularly for a Least Sandpiper. It seems each year at least one lands in this spot. Today was the day. I checked the area as I left Goulds, and it seemed to have left already. Tricky!
 Eight Swallows burst into the park, zoomed around low and close to me most of the short time they were there making it impossible to get shots. I did manage to get a few snaps of the Barn Swallows.

 Like day-old bread, so are the following pictures. A guaranteed location to see an early Spotted Sandpiper is Second Pond. This year was no different.
The first warbler to return was the Yellow-rumped. Now, they are everywhere. The Yellow-rumped Warbler was the first warbler I ever saw, and I was struck by its beauty. I guess I can place the blame on this lovely little species for whiling away many hours in the woods.
Swamp Sparrows, White-throated and Savannah Sparrows are all back in increasing numbers. It is getting harder and harder to stay home as the sun rises. I don't want to miss a moment of the return of all my favorite birds.

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