Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Puzzle

 Goulds was alive this morning with the expected birds and numerous new arrivals. Song emanated from every direction. This bird made none. These poor shots were taken at quite a distance as it sat on a dead tree in the middle of the wetland at Bidgood Park.
 As I looked at it, I found some unusual characteristics. At first I was thinking sparrow. The more I looked at it, Purple Finch seems to be more like it. The tail resembles a Purple, but the yellow under the throat and about the head are off. The beak also seems big. To further confuse, the streaking doesn't seem bold enough, nor does it extend low enough on the body.
I have seen female Purple Finch that look quite yellow, but the  pattern of yellow tends to also present on the belly. Not in this case, the belly is quite white. What is it? A Purple Finch, I guess, but not your typical variation.

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