Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A First

 There are many "firsts" in birding. Most of the time the idea of a "first" is associated with seeing a species for the first time.
In this case it is a behavioral first. I spotted this hawk soaring and circling. When observing a raptor soaring and circling an area, gradually flying higher and farther away, I do not think of a Sharp-shinned Hawk.
 My field-mark checkpoints all pointed to a Sharp-shinned Hawk, but I had a hard time getting past the behaviour usually associated with other raptors.
 For that reason, I got another opinion which, indeed, confirmed this bird is a "sharpie." Just about the time I think I have a species "nailed" and can identify it anywhere anytime, I see something that makes me question everything.
This is the one and only shot I took of this bird that is typical of the "sharpie's" flight pattern. It always pays to look up, way up, and be open to the unexpected.

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